TTSG EPISODE 022 – Talking The Treiber Memorial With Adam Rainaud & Bruce Treiber; Talking “On Course” With Frank Darby & Brian Crowell

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Adam Rainaud(left) posing with Bruce Treiber after winning the 2017 Treiber Memorial at Wheatley Hills Golf Club

In this week’s episode we’re talking the Treiber Memorial with new champ Adam Rainaud and Bruce Treiber.

Among the topics discussed:
Adam Rainaud(1:35) shares how he dealt with a deer that wandered onto the 17th green as he was about to putt.
Bruce Treiber(5:50) discusses his “family ties” with the tournament that was started by his father Howard.

“On Course” co-hosts Frank Darby(left) and Brian Crowell

We’re also talking “On Course” with Manhattan College Golf Coach Frank Darby(9:17)and Met PGA President Brian Crowell(14:02).

Frank and Brian co-host the SiriusXM Golf Talk Radio show every Wednesday night from 8pm-9pm(EST).