TTSG Episode 023 – Talking the MGA Mid-AM with Darin Goldstein, Chris Billington & Gene Westmoreland

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Darin Goldstein (right)presented with the Westmoreland Cup from MGA Tournament Director Chris Gaffney after winning the 2017 Mid-Am Championship

In this week’s episode we’re talking the 2017 MGA Mid-Am Championship with new champ Darin Goldstein(1:18), Bayonne Golf Club Head Pro Chris Billington(7:39) and with the MGA’s Gene Westmoreland(12:09) whom the Mid-AM Championship trophy is named after.

Among the topics discussed:

Darin explains why this year’s Mid-Am was circled on his calendar from day one.

Bayonne GC Head Pro Chris Billington

Chris shares the Bayonne GC pro shop’s unique responsibility of coordinating a ferry service for its members.

MGA Special Consultant and former Tournament Director Gene Westmoreland

Gene expresses his deep appreciation for the MGA naming the Mid-Am trophy in his honor.

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