TTSG EPISODE 026 – Talking Indoor Golf With Bob O’Brien

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Bob O’Brien outside Pinnacle Golf Club in Rockville Centre, New York

In this week’s episode we’re talking indoor golf with Bob O’Brien. More than a decade ago the former Wheatley Hills Golf Club Assistant Pro tired of trekking south every winter but didn’t want to have to put away his clubs until the following spring. The solution: Pinnacle Golf Club, Bob’s indoor golf facility in his hometown, Rockville Centre, New York.

Both members and non-members have access to golf simulators and practice times. Lessons are available as well.

Among the topics discussed:
– How Bob’s experience at Wheatley Hills helped inspire his indoor facility(1:46)
– Bob’s unique pricing philosophy(10:50)
– Why Pinnacle Golf Club has survived and thrived(15:03)
– The various renowned courses his simulators offer(22:44)
– PGC’s Junior League(25:33)

Bob O’Brien gives putting instruction to junior golfer

Timmy O’Brien cranks a 275 yard drive into Pinnacle Golf Club simulator

Visual read out from simulator measuring distance, launch angle, clubhead speed…etc

For more information on Bob’s indoor facility log